France in the BIM world map.

bim france        France in the BIM map.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers 2017 report forecasts that the construction industry output will increase 85%, worldwide, by 2030. So every country should be prepared with clear rules to handle the growth.

BIM is a living process for living buildings, we must think about a building as a living entity from its creation stage, its construction process, its maintenance, until its destruction. The methodology of BIM, allows deployment of clear rules of interaction between all the actors of the construction industry throughout the lifetime of a building.

France with the United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of BIM, they have understood that the BIM process is the only way to make more efficient the construction-management-maintenance industry. Their goal is to reduce time and costs encouraging the digital transformation of processes in their buildings, their cities, their countries.

In 2014 the French government launched the project to develop BIM standards in infrastructure projects.

By 2017 in France BIM became mandate, an official standardization guide was launched, encouraging the digital transformation of construction processes, to achieve sustainability and reduce costs.

The target for 2022 is that the diffusion of BIM strategies in design-building-management companies should be rolled out throughout the French territory in both public and private sectors. Every company in the building industry should ensure they have an efficient BIM process in the center of their operations and have a focus on continual improvement.

To make the digital transformation accessible to everyone, the French government has:

  • Promoted training on BIM methods and tools,
  • Created a free collaboration platform called KROQI,
  • Developed an ecosystem of digital tools available to all the participants.

Considering the fast and furious growth in the building industry, the BIM methodology is the main tool to control de process in a rational manner, with organized interactions between all involved parties of the building industry. The application of this french program, aims to achieve a steady growth of the country’s economy while promoting the environmental and social well-being.

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