VRED 2020.3 – Design vs. Professional, Matrice de comparaison complète des produits

VRED 2020.3 - Design vs. Professional, Matrice de comparaison complète des produits


Data Import & Preparation VRED Design VRED Professional
CAD Data Import

Native support of 40 different CAD formats

Other 3D Formats


Alias Interoperability

Cameras, Lights, Variants, Switch Materials, Template Geometry, Layers, empty Layers

Shell and Components
FBX File Format

Support for Cameras, Joints, Skins, Keyframe & Vertex Animations, Lights, UV´s

Smart References

CAD assembly monitoring and work with non-monolithic VRED files

Scene Graph Editor
Scene Tags
Geometry Editor
Optimization Tools
Node Editor
Asset Manager
Example Asset Installer

Geometries, Materials, Environments, Sceneplates

Web Shops

Substance Source, Maground (cgiplaygrounds.com)

Multiple Render Windows
Customizable UI
Simple UI
Selection Modes

Select Components, Objects, Groups, Sceneplates, by Material, Adjacency, References, Parent, Hierarchy, Object Behind

Advanced Data Import & Preparation VRED Design VRED Professional

On demand re-tesselation of CAD data at any time

UV Editor


Lighting & Materials VRED Design VRED Professional
Delta Lights

Point, Spot, Directional

Area & Objects Lights

Disc, Rectangular & Spherical Lights

Light Textures
HDR & LDR Image Based Lighting
Skylight Environment
Real-time Shadows

Real-time shadow map support for Delta, Area & Object Lights

Real-time Shadow for Environments
HDR Light Studio Live Link

Area Light support with Tungsten Release or higher

VRED Material Types
Rounded Edges

Ratyracing only

Multi Pass Material
Layered Glass Material
X-Ray Material
Substance Material

.sbsar Substance Archive Files, Substance Panorama Environment´s

Light and Shadow Baking
  Advanced Lighting & Materials VRED Design VRED Professional
IES Light Profiles
Rayfile Visualization

LucidShape, Speoas, Osram & Hella Rayfile support. Support for spectral ray files from LucidShape

Subsurface Scattering
X-Rite BTF Materials

* VRED Design read-only support

X-Rite AxF Materials

* VRED Design read-only support

Color Science - BRDF Materials


Camera & Effects VRED Design VRED Professional
Physical Lens Attributes
Standard Tone Mappers

Reinhard Luminance/RGB, Logarithmic Luminance/RGB, Filmic Tone Mapping

Depth of Field
Motion Blur
Lens Flares
ACES Color Space

ACES Color Space for all RGB Tone Mappers

Vignette Effect
Camera Blend Maps
Camera Collision Detection
Camera / Backplate Matching
Advanced Cameras & Effects VRED Design VRED Professional
Advanced Tone Mappers

Physical Camera, Luminance, Illuminance


Rendering VRED Design VRED Professional
Display Clustering - OpenGL
H/W Rendering Modes

Realistic, Vertex/Face Normal, Baked AO, Indirect Illumination, Non- Photorealistic Rendering

Standard Pixel Filters

Triangle, Gaussian, Bspline

CPU Rasterizer
Full Global Illumination

Path Tracing

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

Downscales Raytracing render view resolution

Off-line Render Passes

Color-, Material-, Illumination-, Image Processing-, Auxilary Channels

Variant Set Render

Configure and render combinations of Variant Sets within the Render Setting module

Render Queue
Omnidirectional Stereo Rendering
32 Bit Output
Advanced Rendering VRED Design VRED Professional
Display Cluster – Raytracing
H/W Rendering Modes

Analytic Rendering

Off-line Render Clustering

* Requires additional Render Nodes for VRED Design, VRED Pro can be clustered with other Pro´s

Real-time Raytracing Cluster
Cluster Manager
Real-time Render Passes
Render Layers
Denoise Filter for Raytracing
AI GPU Denoise Filter for Raytracing

NVIDIA OptiX AI-accelerated denoiser

Advanced Pixel Filters

Box, Mitchell NetravalliLanczosCatmull Rom, Sharp Triangle, Sharp Gaussian, Sharp B-Spline

Photon Mapping with Caustics
Spectral Rendering

Color Sprectrum using FWHM. Optis/Osram Spectrum file support

Photometric Rendering Parameters
Raytrace Material Overrides

Allows changing Raytrace Settings for Materials

Render Farm Support

Supports integration with render farm solutions, such as Deadline, Qube/pipeline FX, Smedge. Note, requires custom integration

ICC Color Profiles

* VRED Design sRGB support only


Shows Histogram in Viewport for R, G, B, Logarithmic Scale & Grayscale

Image Meta Data

Saves Render Settings, Cameras, Scenegraph visibility and Material Switch state in Image Meta Data


Storytelling VRED Design VRED Professional

2D Backplates (Images, Image Sequences) & 2D Frontplates (Text, Images, Image Sequences, HTML5)

3D Environments
Variants & Variant Sets
Camera Viewpoints
Curve Animations
Clip Maker with Animation Wizard
Advanced Storytelling VRED Design VRED Professional
Advanced Animation Capabilities

ClipMaker Add Sequence, VRML Animation Editor

Additional Scenegraph Nodes

Matrix Transform, Material Group, Stereo Switch, Host Switch, Billboard, ClipPlane, Distance LOD, Sound & Sound Obstructer


Evaluation VRED Design VRED Professional
Grid & Ruler
Standard Measurements

Point/Point, Point/Object, Object/Object, Line/Object & Circle Measurement

  Advanced Evaluation VRED Design VRED Professional
Direct NURBS Rendering
Gap Analysis
Surface Analysis

Analytic rendering modes for high end surface evaluation, Alias Curvature Mode on nurbs data

3D Annotations
Advanced Measurements

Measurement for radius, diameter, circumference


Presentation & Communication VRED Design VRED Professional
HDR10 Display Support
Oculus Rift & Rift S, HTC VIVE & VIVE Pro Eye, WinMR, HP Reverb, VRHero/XTAL, StarVR , Varjo VR-1, VR-2 HMD & Logitech VR Ink Pilot Support

WinMR Headsets and HP Reverb HMD are supported via OpenVR

VR/Desktop Multi- User Collaboration

Avatar & Controller representation, OOTB Teleport, Laser pointer, VR menu & 3D spatial speech & audio support

Stereo SLI
Powerwall Display
3D Mouse & Joystick Support
Touch Sensors
Standard Stereo Modes

Active (Double Buffer), Horizontal- & Vertical Interlaced, Left/Right & Top/Bottom Split, Separate Left- & Right Eye

Remote Session Connection
Publish Project / Package

Save a package containing all referenced data and content. Encryption & Timestamp support

Shared Views
VRED Presenter Tools
Advanced Presentation & Communication VRED Design VRED Professional
VR Hand Interaction

* limited interaction in VRED Design if scene was not prepared in VRED Pro before

HTML5 Media Editor

* read only in VRED Design

Immersive Display Support

Including CAVE support

Anaglyphic Stereo Modes

Red/Cyan, Blue/Yellow, Green/Magenta

Motion Tracking
VRED Presenter

Included in the VRED Pro installation package


Web/Mobile presentation controller


Scripting VRED Design VRED Professional
External Web Interface
Scripting API with Editor

* Script execution only in VRED Design

Script Plugins

Add plugins & modules to main manu bar

Command Terminal

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