Woodwork for Inventor 8 change logs

Version: 8.2 (Release date: 2017-11-13)

  • Improved – Auto Plot and Auto Plot Refresh features now has automatic hide option for of sculpt surfaces and bodies in generated drawing.
  • Fixed – Issue with BOM template « RowOrder » keyword wrong evaluation.
  • Fixed – Issue in CAM module when contour mill trajectory is reversed and centric tool offset side changes to milling from left side.
  • Fixed – Unexpected Inventor crash when « Clone », « Trim », « Mitering » Dress Up commands is applied.
  • Fixed – Issues in Auto CNC when part clamping position is set automatically.
  • Fixed – Issue in Auto CNC when Groove operation is created in automatically.
  • Fixed – Issue in CAM module when it was impossible to perform Groove operation based on surface geometry.
  • Fixed – Issue with material oversize range selection when Woodwork for Inventor material is applied to part.
  • Fixed – Issue with part size calculation when geometry modification to part are made.
  • Fixed – Issue when skeleton part with Dress Up bodies can accept Woodwork for Inventor material assignment.
  • Fixed – Issue in recess corner milling while working with contours processed for nesting type CNC equipment.
  • Fixed – Issue when nesting mill contour does not react to milling type (« Climb », « Conventional ») settings.
  • Fixed – Wrong hardware quantity calculation for sub-assemblies through the BOM generation.
  • Fixed – Issue with iBox feature functioning when component is in Edit mode.
  • Fixed – Text label error in various Woodwork for Inventor dialog’s which uses Inventor HUD dialog.
  • Fixed – Issue with suppressed Nesting sketch contour.
  • Fixed – Issue with Auto Plot Mark Covers command when material replacement is applied.
  • Fixed – Other small issues.
  • Added – G-Code 2D post-processor beta version.

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